The Transient Project

Omega Architecture

  • Omega Architecture Reviewed
  • We are honoured that someone made a video review of our game.

    It’s an endless source of feedback, inspiration and hilarity for us (He died in less then two minutes, played for twenty five, and did the whole review without seeing half the content 😀 ).

    Ojbhbz, or whatever the hell your name is, thanks for making this video. You rock.

    YouTube Link:

  • Omega Architecture: Our Ludum Dare 24 Game

  • Omega screenshot

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  • Recall: Our StealthJam Game

  • Recall screenshot

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    Space Lazers

  • Space Lazers UI Concept

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  • No Lazers. But there are little tiny squares!

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  • Announcing: Slammin’ Space Lazers

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  • Submarine: Our Ludum Dare Game

  • Submarine screenshot

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