The Transient Project

What We’ve Been Doing

In case you are wondering…


  • 7dfps game
  • Incoming on the 9th of June.


  • Circus Minimus
  • Krushna, Caryoscelus and Kibertoad’s project, needs gameplay, art and time.

  • Submarine: More Vodka!
  • Spirulence, Kibertoad, Woe, and anyone who wants in. Formerly Submarine Enhanced Edition.

  • Slammin’ Space Lazers
  • Spirulence, prototype ready.

In Development:

  • Dragon game
  • Woe and Caryoscelus’s project, design is about done.

  • Frontiers and Firebreaths
  • Krushna and Spirulence’s project, Title may change.

On Hold:

  • Mine game
  • Krushna and Kibertoad’s project; intro written and chasing AI programmed; needs traps, health, gold-digging; waiting for Krushna.

  • Zombie game
  • Woe’s project, on hold until Woe gets around to it.

  • Info game
  • Kibertoad, on-hold till awesomeness happens, prototype maybe incoming.

  • Secret Spirulence Project
  • Submarine in MVC style, abandoned due to more important stuff.

  • Transient (the game, not the engine)
  • Woe’s ultimate project, on hold until awesomeness piles up.

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