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Recall: Our StealthJam Game

Recall screenshot

Download Recall (with JRE for Windows) – 70 MB
(if you have Windows and don’t know which one you should pick, pick this one)
Without JRE – 37 MB (Java 7 required)

Both versions work on GNU/Linux and Windows; for GNU/Linux you will need Java 7  and version without JRE.

We made a new something!

It’s a simple stealth-based game called “Recall”, which is about mindhacking in dream world, and it is our entry for the Stealth Jam.

The blurb:

In the not too distant future, humankind has lost the struggle against itself. Education was replaced by entertainment, happiness with currency, and work was replaced by Robots.

Rebellion will never come. Because everyone is happy, dreaming inside a synthetic dream worlds.

You are the last enemy of the dream world. The Nemesis. You preserve the world by hacking into dreams and planting nightmares of the real world.


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