The Transient Project

Post-Mortem Meditations

“We Bokononists believe that humanity is organized into teams, teams
that do God’s Will without ever discovering what they are doing. Such
a team is called a karass by Bokonon … “If you find your life
tangled up with somebody else’s life for no very logical reasons,”
writes Bokonon, “that person may be a member of your karass.” At
another point in The Books of Bokonon he tells us, “Man created the
checkerboard; God created the karass.” By that he means that a karass
ignores national, institutional, occupational, familial, and class
boundaries. It is as free form as an amoeba.”

…and the second when the “Submit” button was pressed, I’ve already
had all the prestige and girls I could have ever dreamt of having, at
that very instance it has all happened and was with me, inside me,

Do you know what is the main difference between rockstars and ordinary
people? Everything that rockstars do is important.

During this Ludum Dare lots of pieces have finally fallen together and
clicked. And I feel like I’ve finally found my direction.

We are the Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Red Orchestra – whatever,
pick anything. We’ve done our “Please Please Me”, so the “White Album”
is on the cards.

We already have our own personal underground lab and are working to
make it better. Spirulence is even making our own robo-minion.

I don’t know how it ends. Or when.

But at this moment it is not important.

The time is now.

“Most people have a full measure of life and most people just watch it
slowly drip away. But if you can summon it all up… at one time… in
one place… you can accomplish something… glorious. ”

– Kibertoad, internal correspondence, Transient Team

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